Monday, 30 August 2010

Hayling Island

Yes I know it's bank holiday and that usually means a lay in, but not today as it was low tide at 7am so we were woken up early and taken to Hayling Island, well worth the early start:
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Supervising the humans!

It's a tough job supervising these humans and keeping them under control you know. Dad and Connor were digging up tree stumps, we just had to keep an eye on them to make sure they were doing it properly. (although Winston did give up and went to sleep instead)

New beds

Dad bought me n Winston a new bed each. We did try telling him we only needed one as we prefer to share................ How soppy are we then!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Well me n Winston had a great time on our hols at Aunty Christine's.

I learnt that if pussy cats live in the house they are not to be chased, a pretty steep learning curve for me as usually pussy cats = chase! I shocked Mum n Dad when they came to collect us as I walked right up to a cat and just sniffed it's head and without running after it or anything.

I also learnt that chickens that are in a garden and more importantly behind an electric fence are not to be messed with under any circumstances. Apparently I was showing a little bit too much interest in Aunty Christine's chickens so to be on the safe side she popped the electric fence on. Funnily enough I only touched it once, ouchie!!, that was enough for me NEVER to go near her chickens again :-)

And then there is the still unsolved mystery of 'who stole the eggs'. Aunty Christine has her eggs on the kitchen work surface, a couple of times she found the eggs on the floor or completely eaten. Now we narrowed the suspects down to either Winston or another Labrador who was also staying there however Winston is still not letting on whether it was him or not.............

Mum n Dad came and collected us last night, they said they'd missed us loads, well even though we'd had the most fab time walking through the New Forest every day and playing with loads of dogs we had missed them too, here is are a couple of pics of the state of their clothes after we'd leapt all over them and nearly sent them flying when we first saw them:

They had brought us back some dried fish fillets from Iceland as a present, mmmmm they were yummy!

Here is a smilebox of Mum n Dad's time away in Iceland and London

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