Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Forest Viz Whiz - Fritham

Well me n mum had another fantastic Viz Whiz, this time at Fritham. Think there were around 35 Vizsla this time, rough count as of course we are not renowned for keeping still for long. Here's a smilebox of our walk, enjoy.
Lovely to see everyone again, we can't wait for the next one.
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fun Sunday - Viz Whiz

Mum has finally managed to get around to helping me do a smilebox with the pictures of Sunday's Viz Whiz, honestly she needs to prioritise better, i'll have a word :-).

We had a fab time and the best bit is we get to do it all again next Sunday - can't wait

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Boring saturday

I was doing my best 'I'm being neglected' look on Saturday, Mum was really busy in the garden ALL day (well inbetween taking me for long walks but I still made her feel guilty)
She was digging loads so I helpfully laid down on top of the pile of dirt so she had to stop for a while and make a fuss of me.

Then the new shed panels needed painting so once again I gave that real mistreated Vizsla look. Mum did say that if I was a good boy there would be a nice treat on Sunday, more of that in the next post.............

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Typical Vizsla Pose

Me just being me, what's not to love.................

Winston is far more elegent when he lays down of course, he hasnt quite mastered the Vizsla upside down sprawling pose.

Baking cakes

Ok so we're not strictly speaking baking cakes, even I realise that is probably beyond the realms of possibility even for a Vizsla. However................ we were able to help with the clean up today after Mum made a cake.

Mum has asked me to point out that this is not normally allowed and that the bowl was fully sterilised after we 'pre-washed' it. I don't see why she wants me to make that clear but she said nobody would eat one of her cakes again if they saw what we did, really she worries too much I think.

Blackberry Picking

I love this time of year as the blackberrys come out up the woods and we get to pick our own. I'm a very health conscious Vizsla and make sure I have plenty of fruit and veg! What amazes mum is that I only pick the ripe ones, well durr mum of course they are the sweetest!