Thursday, 31 December 2009

Me and my dad!

Dad is great I love climbing on him when he's on the computer, we were checking out the internet together! Of course I couldn't put my toy down though in case Winston pinched it!

It's a hard life!

Sometimes I just need some chill time, it is a hard life being a Vizsla don't you know! It takes lost of hard work to be this gorgeous!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Forest Fun!

Dad bought Mum a new camera which has video on so she can film me n Winston, she's still getting the hang of it so me n Winston did lots of running and being silly for her to practise using it.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Visit to mum's work

Something weird is going on, Mum didnt go to work today, something called 'holiday', she did LOADS of house cleaning, boring, so I went to sleep on the bed out of the way. Then we went for a walk in the woods, Winston went darting off and came back all smelly, why he feels it is necessary to roll in fox poo is beyond me, he is really stinky and mum's not happy because she done all that cleaning and all you can smell is Winston.
Then Mum took me out in the car, wasnt sure what was happening, smelly boy was left at home. We arrived at Mum's work and I went in and said hello to everybody, i was very good, nice and calm and let them fuss me big time. I did my favourite of laying on my back legs in the air looking as soppy as can be and who can resist giving me a belly rub when i'm sooooooo cute :).
I did find somebodies cheese sandwich in the bin, what a waste so I did my bit for recycling, mmmmm yummy. Can't say that mum was too impressed.
Mum did take a photo when i was laying next to Sue in her office, it's a bit blurry cos its on her mobile phone but you get the idea!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Flushing pheasants

One of my best things to do is flushing pheasants, dad hasnt got a gun though he just takes pictures which is a shame as i'd really like to have some pheasant for dinner one day!!! I'm not allowed to touch them though, only flush them up.

My bestest friend Winston

Winston is my sort of big bruv, he's 6 months older than me, although i'm far more mature, mum n dad say its cos i'm a vizsla! Anyhow, his favourite thing is sticks, he starts off carrying little ones when we're out walking but then gets a bit carried away and ends up with great big branches in his mouth!

He is also a bit of a mud magnet and a water nut, doesnt matter how cold it is if there is a bit of water rest assured he'll jump straight in. I think he is part otter actually!

New Forest Viz Whiz (Sept 09)

I love going on Viz Whiz outings where i get together with my other ginger mates. We all have a wicked time running around playing.

At last

Finally mum has sorted me out my blog site, only taken her like forever!!!! I'm going to sort through my pictures soon and add a few but at least we have made a start.