Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cuddle time

I may be a big boy of 2 years old but I still love my cuddles, as you can see!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

An eventful walk!

Had an eventful afternoon walk today. First off I found a deer's skull, I ran around with it for a while, chomped on it a bit, funnily enough mum wasnt too keen on it so she asked me to leave it behind which I did!

Then we met the most HUGE dog I have ever seen, at first I thought it was a horse but it smelt like a dog, he was really friendly but so bouncy, fast and BIG, I was really really scared I even barked at him which I never ever do but other than hiding behind mum I didn't know what to do. Winston was braver and said hello even though the dog towered above him, respect! Thankfully mum led us away from the mutant dog, although she said he was lovely, yeh right I didnt agree!

Then I disapeared for 10 minutes, I was having a wicked time tracking deer, live ones this time, mum is well used to this and just carries on walking with Winston, who never leaves her side, I caught up with them a bit further on, returning at break neck speed and sniffed her hand, I always do this when I return to her, she seems to like it.

Then the final excitement was seeing one of the buzzards that lives in the woods do a majestic swoop along through the trees, his wingspan is massive, it really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Unfortunately no picture as mum couldnt get a clear shot, shame better luck next time.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

In disgrace

Silly Winston decided it would be FAB to roll in some fox poo - again! Mum's got it sussed now and when we got home he was covered in tomato ketchup (kills most of the foul stench), daft dog decided to start licking it off, anyway then he was rinsed off and then covered in shampoo and rinsed off again.
He is still a bit smelly and I'm the one stuck sharing a bed with him while he dries off - ewwwww!!! Just be grateful your nose isn't where my nose is in the photo! I do keep telling him that it's just not the done thing but he has his silly moments from time to time, bless him, we love him loads really.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

I'm not spoilt honest!

Ok so we all know it's been really cold recently, well mum has started tucking me up in a blanket at night to stop me waking up and crying because I'm cold. In mitigation the night time temperatures have been well below freezing and all I wanted to do was get into bed with mum n dad but apparently there is not enough room, yeh right I'd make room! Dad said I'm a pampered spoilt boy but I'm not honest its just I dont have the same amount of fur as Winston.
Although dad did go away on business for a couple of days this week and mum said if we were good boys we could sleep with her. We were very good, Winston kept her feet warm whilst I snuggled right into her with my head on the pillow next to her. Unfortunately when dad came home he put a stop to that so we're back out on the landing again in our beds, so not fair :-(

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well that was treat, the snow started falling yesterday at 6pm, by 9pm mum n dad dragged us out up the woods, not that we needed much encouragement, it was awesome, dad built a snowman! And the bonus was when we woke up this morning it was STILL snowing so we went up the woods again, although it was pretty hard going getting anywhere.
Mum went to work but she had big problems as you can see from the picture (she's on the left of the truck in the yellow coat!) and helped out with three trucks that couldnt get through her work gate, she was then sent home early and so was dad, really cool as we love having them both home.
Wish it snowed everyday although I don't think mum n dad would agree!

Monday, 4 January 2010


We'd just got used to mum n dad being home over the last two weeks and sleeping in until 8am and what happens this morning.... The alarm goes off at 6am and we had to get up and go for a walk. To add insult to injury it was -5 degrees out there, it's alright for mum she had her fur lined boots and thick coat on, not to mention woolly hat and gloves. It was still dark and we had to wear our flashing collars up the woods. I'm going to call childline if she makes us go out that early again tomorrow, we showed our disdain by diving back into bed when we got home!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's my Birthday - I am 2 !!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! I'm a big boy now, a whole 2 years old today. Dad took me for a lovely walk this morning and then I had a present of a lovely big bone to chew on.
I've posted one of my puppy pictures when I was 3 weeks old, and just look at what a big boy I grew into!