Sunday, 24 January 2010

An eventful walk!

Had an eventful afternoon walk today. First off I found a deer's skull, I ran around with it for a while, chomped on it a bit, funnily enough mum wasnt too keen on it so she asked me to leave it behind which I did!

Then we met the most HUGE dog I have ever seen, at first I thought it was a horse but it smelt like a dog, he was really friendly but so bouncy, fast and BIG, I was really really scared I even barked at him which I never ever do but other than hiding behind mum I didn't know what to do. Winston was braver and said hello even though the dog towered above him, respect! Thankfully mum led us away from the mutant dog, although she said he was lovely, yeh right I didnt agree!

Then I disapeared for 10 minutes, I was having a wicked time tracking deer, live ones this time, mum is well used to this and just carries on walking with Winston, who never leaves her side, I caught up with them a bit further on, returning at break neck speed and sniffed her hand, I always do this when I return to her, she seems to like it.

Then the final excitement was seeing one of the buzzards that lives in the woods do a majestic swoop along through the trees, his wingspan is massive, it really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Unfortunately no picture as mum couldnt get a clear shot, shame better luck next time.

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