Saturday, 16 January 2010

I'm not spoilt honest!

Ok so we all know it's been really cold recently, well mum has started tucking me up in a blanket at night to stop me waking up and crying because I'm cold. In mitigation the night time temperatures have been well below freezing and all I wanted to do was get into bed with mum n dad but apparently there is not enough room, yeh right I'd make room! Dad said I'm a pampered spoilt boy but I'm not honest its just I dont have the same amount of fur as Winston.
Although dad did go away on business for a couple of days this week and mum said if we were good boys we could sleep with her. We were very good, Winston kept her feet warm whilst I snuggled right into her with my head on the pillow next to her. Unfortunately when dad came home he put a stop to that so we're back out on the landing again in our beds, so not fair :-(

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