Friday, 29 April 2011

Trying Mum n Dad's patience.........

Me n Winston were pickles yesterday and nearly drove Mum n Dad mad.

First offence:
We came back from our lunchtime walk and as usual sat at our back gate waiting for Mum to open it. She opened the gate, I dutifully went into the garden, mmm not our Winston he belted at full speed off up the road. Mum shut me in the garden and headed off to find him. He was being really naughty and completely ignored her, he was running around in circles sniffing everywhere. Eventually he came back. Mum forgave him as sometimes his epilepsy makes him do silly things.

Second offence:
Mum wanted to go to the Holt to see the bluebells. Dad brought his camera as Mum wanted him to take some nice pictures of us dogs amongst the bluebells. We didnt cooperate and Dad only managed to get these couple of iffy shots:

Third offence:
I went running off through the bluebells and then found the most amazing pile of stinky fox poo! All mum could see was my four paws waving in the air as I was grinding the smelly poo all over my fur. Truly this was the best poo I have ever found and the stench was just like raw sewerage, awesome! I refused point blank to stop despite Mum whistling and all sorts. Mum turned green when I came running back to her the smell was so bad. Dad said there was no way I was getting back in the car and that Mum would have to walk me home, despite it being 5 miles!

Fourth offence:
Winston was doing his usual stick thing, he came running past Mum at full speed and cracked the stick really hard against the back of her legs. Mum didnt half say some naughty words, I was shocked. As she was hobbling quite badly Dad relented on the whole walking home bit and said we would all drive home together.
The stick in question.........

Even though we had the all the windows open in the car on the way home Mum and Dad were still a strange shade of green.
Mum tried her hardest to clean all the poo off of me but it just wasnt working as I'd ground it in good and proper.
They decided the only way to deal with this was to take us down to the beach and hope the seawater got rid of the smell.
So yet another stinky car journey. They spent ages throwing tennis balls into the sea for me to fetch, and I was only too happy to oblige.

Fifth offence (yes there's more!)
Arrived back home, Dad was trying to reverse the car into a parking space outside our house but me and Winston were messing around so much in the back of the car that he couldnt see and lost his patience with us! Mum got us out of the car and expected us to sit on the front doorstep like we usually do while Dad parked. Oh no Winston was having none of that and ran back to the car and started circling it like a beast possessed, he was in the road and everything, I couldn't understand what he was doing so went and joined in. Mum was livid, we both ignored her big time. Dad left the car where it was in the middle of the road, helped Mum round us up and then we were dragged inside.

At this point with both Mum and Dad having steam coming out of their ears and very very cross looks on their faces me and Winston decided that we had better just lay down very quietly on our beds and not move.

Have we been forgiven............... the jury is still out on that one.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Winston's Ouchie

Dad took us to Langstone Harbour today, we had a wicked fun time splashing around in the water.
Poor Winston though has sliced his pad :-(, Dad noticed blood on the floor when we got home but Winston is such a mummy's boy he wouldn't let Dad look at it. We had to wait for Mum to come home from work and she's sorted it all out.
It's all bandaged up and Winston gets to wear one of Dad's old socks too.
Can a Labrador look more hard done by than Winston in the picture below.....

Friday, 1 April 2011

Beware! Car hijackers are about

Mum had an email from a friend of hers and she told me I should warn everybody out there.

Her friend, Alison, was getting ready to load her car up with some rubbish to take to the tip. She left her boot open and turned her back for only a minute when the car hijackers struck, see below:

So be on your guard of these two dodgy characters they are operating in the Farlington area of Portsmouth!!!

Hehehe, just too good not to share. The pair are Jethro and Tetley, mates of mine and obviously didnt want to miss out on a potential car journey.