Monday, 28 May 2012

H4H working test - Oxford 27th May

5am the alarm went off on a Sunday, really mum are you sure??? Then I spotted all the Working Test kit by the front door (virtually everything bar the kitchen sink) Auntie Katie picked us up in her car, Willow and Ollie were coming too, we were all entered in the Novice class. Absolutely scorching weather, us dogs were well hot! Thankfully the hunting was up first, I was a bit of a velcro vizzie on the field and mum started running at one point to get me going, I did eventually but the test was only short because of the heat. I scored 22/40, not great but hey it WAS HOT. Although try telling that to wonderdog Willow who scored 33/40 in her hunting, she was off like a thing possessed. We then all went off to do our blind retrieves, good side wind and it was straight down a track so pretty straightforward, I did find it fine and came belting back to Mum, spat the dummy at her feet though, oops, so we got 18.5/20, my highest retrieve score to date. Then joy of joys off we trotted to do the water, now if you remember I love swimming, the only trouble is I get so excited that Mum has trouble getting me to plant my bum next to the water and I never wait for the release command. Dived in, swam in a straight line out and returned on the same line, once again spat the dummy. Lost marks for my lack of control, 13.5/20. We then broke for lunch, it was mega hot by this time and very little shade around the cars so we didnt really get to rest, Mum had brought wet towels along and wrapped us up in those. Auntie Katie showed me in a Conformation Test, Mum was going to do it but bottled it when she saw how professionally Auntie Katie handled Willow and Ollie so asked if she could show me. Well I got an 'excellent' grade!! Final retrieve was a seen, into a sheep pen, uhoh I dont do jumping!!! Got sent off, Mum didnt say a word, then I reached the pen, mmmm what to do, thought about it, jumped in, retrieved, jumped out and belted back to mum. Well honestly you should have seen the look on her face, she was beaming from ear to ear and when the test was over she was screeching and cuddling me so much, think she may have been a little pleased, must remember to do that again!!! Score was 18/20 Overall I came 14th out of 27 dogs so very happy with that. Here's some pictures of the day. Auntie Katie with me Willow and Ollie, Mum with me and me trying to cool off at lunchtime

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thorney Island - a spot of training

Wow had a lovely day yesterday, Amy with Barney, Katie with Willow and Ollie, Me and Mum went to the Army Base at Thorney Island. Amy had special permission to let us on there and we had free reign to go where we wanted. So much space!
There was lovely hunting ground, here's Auntie Katie heading off with Willow .
And here's us boys waiting our turn
There was loads and loads of glorious smells to explore and being HPRs we were in our element, check us out
It was 29 degrees so pretty hot, even for us, so our Mum's decided it was time for a splash around and set up loads and loads of water retrieves. Willow was a complete superstar, being a girl she usually only paddles up to her tummy and Auntie Katie has trouble getting her to go in any further, well yesterday she went ALL THE WAY in and was swimming, all the Mums were jumping around screaming and whooping with joy, Auntie Katie didnt stop smiling for the rest of the day :-)
A big thank you to Auntie Amy and Barney for arranging for us to go on the Army Base, it was a wonderful afternoon x