Sunday, 24 October 2010

Weird expressions!

Dad was armed with the camera this morning on our walk and I couldn't help put pull some weird expressions for him!

First we have my 'don't mess with me' look, I think I look particularly tough in this one:

Then Dad was trying to get a shot of me doing my pointing pose, well I did oblige but couldn't help sticking my tongue out as an added bonus, hehehehe, I am a cheeky boy:

Ok ok Dad I'll be a good boy and pose for the camera properly now, anything for a peaceful life:

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I went to work today...........

Wow I've had such a cool day today, I went to work properly, I went beating on a pheasant shoot, I had so much fun and was a very good boy, Mum was very proud of me, I did what I was told.
We met up at the pub and Mum had a bacon roll which she of course shared with me.
I didnt know what to expect as I've never done anything like this before.
The first new thing was riding in the back of a tractor, we were packed in like sardines but all the dogs and humans all got on really well, see what I mean:

Because the beaters all had to stay in line us dogs stayed on the lead, the maize field was a bit tough going for Mum as she was shorter than the maize and kept getting whacked in the face by it but we flushed a few pheasant up, which the guns shot.

I wasnt bothered by the gun noise at all which Mum was relieved about. Here are some of the pheasants that didnt fly quick enough:

Then we got back on the tractor again and drove to another spot, I made myself comfortable on a lovely ladies lap

Then it was lunchtime, I had a couple of dog biscuits but was more interested in having a nap, just as well as I didnt realise we were heading back out after lunch too!

There was quite a bit of waiting around as well as all the beating, here's me just kicking back and chillin', well I am a vizsla after all........

The farmer's dog Freddie was very clever as he can drive the tractor too!!!

On the last bit we were all let off the lead, I was really good and didnt go out of Mum's sight, I flushed a couple of pheasants up and everybody started shouting LOOK UP, I'd done my job :)

The Farmer gave me (well Mum) a brace of pheasants to take home as a thank you for helping, I would have done it for free as it was sooooooooo much fun.
Thanks Mum for a great day,and a big thank you to Mum's friend Lynne and her lovely dog Maddie for telling her all about it and inviting us along, I'm going for a very long sleep now!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Writing my blog

This is me n Mum writing my blog, 'what shall we write today Mum?'

Me just proof reading the post before we publish it. We also spend lots of time reading about the antics of all my other blog Vizsla mates, we really love reading about what the gingers get up to from all around the world. Great catching up with all the gossip!

Some pictures to share

Just a couple of pictures to share with you, just standard things in a Vizsla's day

This is me doing my best mad vizla eyes:

A new piece of agility equipment, the ladder, I just wanted to get up and see what Mum was doing to the shed roof, we certainly are agile dogs

Mum is studying loads at the moment so me n Winston help her out, I keep her feet nice and warm and Winston helpfully (??) rests his head on her study book: