Thursday, 27 September 2012

Early days with lil' sis

Well our peace has been well and truly shattered.......... Uisce arrived on Sunday, we went out in the garden to meet her but it was pouring with rain and really cold so that introduction was cut short.
Can't say I'm that impressed with her at the moment, she cries in the night and disturbs my beauty sleep, she plays with all my toys, she has her own 'special' teddy in her crate and has daddy wrapped round her little paw already.
Winston quite likes her and she's worked out he's a soft touch, she jumped into his tuffie bed yesterday with him, Mum took her out though as Winston wasn't very happy about it although he is such a softie he just kept still while she jumped all over him.  Me on the other hand well I grumble at her if she tries to get into MY tuffie!
The sun came out yesterday so we all had a little training session in the garden, Mum was doing sits and recalls with Uisce and there were treats involved so me and Winston joined in, I did play a little bit with her but am still trying to show her I'm the boss dog, Mum said to make the most of this while I can as she reckons that Uisce will take over being a girlie and all that.........

We were all sitting together just before Mum took this picture but she wasnt quick enough, here's the little princess with her big boy body guards........

And then we have the picture of her trying to be all cute showing off her lovely pink belly to us, we don't look overly impressed though do we?