Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday Shoot Near Basingstoke

We went on a new shoot yesterday with Auntie Katie and my mate Ollie. Brrr it was cold when we arrived and we had a snow shower but that soon passed thankfully.
There were only 4 dogs in the beating line and we worked really hard. We were the only two HPRs and we just kept holding point after point, the beaters soon realised we were NEVER wrong whilst on point and started to look out for us going onto point. Me and Ollie havent worked together before but we were such a great team, can't wait to work with him again :-).
Here we are at lunchtime, our Mum's put our Equafleeces on so we kept snuggly warm whilst standing around, we don't wear them for working though as we would rip them to pieces diving through all the brambles.

Finchdean shoot 15th Dec

Well I am really a busy boy at the moment, me and Mum are working on four different shoots and I'm LOVING it!
Here are some pictures from the Finchdean shoot last Thursday.....

Here I am ready for the off with the beaters, it was a gorgeous sunny, but cold, day

And here is me with my 'serious' working face on, we'd just walked up a huge hill, I had to drag Mum up behind me!

Mum loves this photo of the two of us, she calls it 'one woman and her dog', kind up sums up the day as we work as a team and we have such fun together.

Sat in the back of the tractor trailer and also hanging out of the back as I love to watch where we are going!

Here I am coming back to Mum with a pheasant I retrieved. I shouldnt really have retrieved it as the picking up dogs were there but I was a little bit naughty as when I had flushed it and saw it shot I decided that it was MINE and flew off across the field (with Mum blasting the whistle trying to recall me!) and retrieved it and then brought it all the way back across the field, you can see by my eyes the 'red mist' had descended and that was that. Well I am a Vizsla after all and we can be a bit stubborn at times

Saturday, 10 December 2011

My first pay packet

I went on a shoot yesterday at Chalton, it was a new one for us. The undergrowth was pretty tough in places, Mum went through some thick brambles but I decided I'm far too intelligent for that so went round the outside on the path, leaving Mum to do the tough work!

Dont get me wrong I did work hard and was pretty pooped by the end of the day.

Do you know what the best bit was though.......... I got paid this time for working, how cool is that so now my Piggy Bank has a whole £20 in it, Dad said he'd take me shopping to spend it on something nice!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

My first bus trip!

Mum decided that instead of driving me and Winston to the vets (Winston was due his boosters) that we would walk from Emsworth to Havant which is a couple of miles instead. It was bitterly cold and I had my cosy coat on, it was also getting a bit dark and I wondered what Mum was playing at as the road we have to walk on has no street lights and we'd be walking in the dark on the way back!
But oh no Mum had other ideas, she gets these bright ideas sometimes, after the vets we walked to the bus station. Boy that was a busy place with loads of people, prams, wheelchairs, dogs, smells and lots of noise. Lots of people made a fuss of me and Winston which we accepted. We were very good and just stood there calmly watching the world go by.
Then a big green bus pulled up and Mum told us to get on, we went right to the back of the bus, I jumped up on the back seat but that's not allowed - puh! - so I had to sit on the floor. I was a bit nervous and had my tail between my legs for a little while as the bus juddered and bounced around (more even than dad's speedy driving).

The funniest thing was when the bus braked and Winston, who was sat beautifully, did a bum slide about 2 meters down the bus. The journey was only 15 minutes and we were fine and behaved really well. There was also another dog on the bus, he was a veteran of bus journeys his owner told Mum as he goes on it every day.

It was certainly something different and once I got used to it it was really quite fun. Dad's promised to take us on a train next - choo choo!!