Sunday, 18 December 2011

Saturday Shoot Near Basingstoke

We went on a new shoot yesterday with Auntie Katie and my mate Ollie. Brrr it was cold when we arrived and we had a snow shower but that soon passed thankfully.
There were only 4 dogs in the beating line and we worked really hard. We were the only two HPRs and we just kept holding point after point, the beaters soon realised we were NEVER wrong whilst on point and started to look out for us going onto point. Me and Ollie havent worked together before but we were such a great team, can't wait to work with him again :-).
Here we are at lunchtime, our Mum's put our Equafleeces on so we kept snuggly warm whilst standing around, we don't wear them for working though as we would rip them to pieces diving through all the brambles.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like really good fun.
    Equafleeces are great. Ziggi has 3!
    Ziggi has a new blog (and we are back in Emsworth!) hope you are well