Thursday, 21 October 2010

I went to work today...........

Wow I've had such a cool day today, I went to work properly, I went beating on a pheasant shoot, I had so much fun and was a very good boy, Mum was very proud of me, I did what I was told.
We met up at the pub and Mum had a bacon roll which she of course shared with me.
I didnt know what to expect as I've never done anything like this before.
The first new thing was riding in the back of a tractor, we were packed in like sardines but all the dogs and humans all got on really well, see what I mean:

Because the beaters all had to stay in line us dogs stayed on the lead, the maize field was a bit tough going for Mum as she was shorter than the maize and kept getting whacked in the face by it but we flushed a few pheasant up, which the guns shot.

I wasnt bothered by the gun noise at all which Mum was relieved about. Here are some of the pheasants that didnt fly quick enough:

Then we got back on the tractor again and drove to another spot, I made myself comfortable on a lovely ladies lap

Then it was lunchtime, I had a couple of dog biscuits but was more interested in having a nap, just as well as I didnt realise we were heading back out after lunch too!

There was quite a bit of waiting around as well as all the beating, here's me just kicking back and chillin', well I am a vizsla after all........

The farmer's dog Freddie was very clever as he can drive the tractor too!!!

On the last bit we were all let off the lead, I was really good and didnt go out of Mum's sight, I flushed a couple of pheasants up and everybody started shouting LOOK UP, I'd done my job :)

The Farmer gave me (well Mum) a brace of pheasants to take home as a thank you for helping, I would have done it for free as it was sooooooooo much fun.
Thanks Mum for a great day,and a big thank you to Mum's friend Lynne and her lovely dog Maddie for telling her all about it and inviting us along, I'm going for a very long sleep now!

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  1. Oh wow Fergus, you're a proper gun dog now...we're SO jealous. You'll have to let us know when you go again perhaps we'd be allowed too? Love & licks Radar & Rio