Sunday, 22 May 2011

Racton Ruins

Mum thought it would be a good idea to go and explore Racton Ruins, we pass it all the time as it's not very far from us but Mum had never been there, so off we headed.
It started to rain and was very windy but by the time we reached the ruin it was brilliant sunshine again.

Mum wasnt kidding when she said it was a ruin, Dad jumped down inside it and of course me and Winston just had to follow him!

It's supposed to be haunted and I thought it looked really spooky in the daytime so it must be really scary at nightime, don't fancy going there in the dark that's for sure!!!

We left the ruin and walked along the bridlepath. All of a sudden a white van came steaming down behind us, we all jumped out of the way. As the van went past I saw it had a trailer on the back..... In the trailer there were sheep, mmmmm meals on wheels as far as I was concerned and I went running full speed after the van. Mum and Dad were shouting after me but I wasnt stopping (training, what training??) Then I heard the really loud THUNDER whistle which I know means its mega serious that I get back to Mum and Dad and I did return, even though I really wanted to get to the trailer.
Mum, the spoilsport, then put me on the lead despite me promising (with my toes crossed) that I wasnt going to go and help the man unload his sheep from the trailer. I'd make a cracking sheep dog honest!

Winston, as always, picked up a stick. He took it off into a field and had what can only be described as a nutty 5 minutes playing with it, he did have fun and Mum and Dad were really laughing at his antics. He did stop for a second and looked at them as if to say 'what you laughing at?'

There were lots of interesting smells so I decided to do a spot of hunting and went tracking off through the undergrowth.

Glad Mum and Dad decided to explore the ruins, it was a good walk with lots of interesting stuff to keep a Vizsla occupied :-)

Love Fergus x