Saturday, 26 November 2011

Time to catch up!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, Mum's started a new job so we don't get much time on the computer now. I have finally been allowed on here so can you let you know what we've been up to.
Well the shooting season has started again so we've been busy working on those. All my training through the summer on working tests and stuff has come in really handy. I love working and Mum is very pleased with me as I work very hard and calmly. I love doing the beating stuff but also do the odd bit of picking up too but do prefer flushing the birds up and out.
We have to get up a bit earlier in the morning now as Mum has to be at work a bit earlier so it's dark in the woods but it's ok as we meet up with Auntie Katie with Willow, Ollie and Tasha. All us dogs are wearing our flashing colours and the humans have torches, we must be quite a scary vision in the woods, five flashing colours flying all over the place like loonies.
I've been a bit poorly lately, last week my left leg was lame and this week it was my right leg, I didnt feel very hungry and was a bit down. Dad took me to the vets and they did some blood tests as my lymph nodes (whatever they are) were up as well. By the time the results came back I was back to my normal self eating like crazy and then running all those calories off up the woods. Think I just had a bit of a bug but don't worry I'm fine now :-)
Mum has spoilt me a little bit and has bought me a new coat, Dad said I was a pampered pooch but Mum explained that it is for when I'm working as there is a lot of standing around inbetween hand and I get all cold and shivery which is no good for my muscles. It also came in handy when I wasnt well last week as she put it on me when we went for short walks so I stayed nice and toasty warm. Mum has said they do a human version and she would love one as she is so impressed with mine, needless to say Dad just rolled his eyes and mumbled something about owners looking like their dogs!!! Anyhow I think I look rather smart, dont you?