Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vermin shoot

Me and Mum went over to Basingstoke this morning for a vermin shoot. I got all excited as I thought it was a pheasant shoot, but no the season is over :-(

Mark gave Mum a gun to borrow, ok scary stuff my mum armed with a gun, I thought 'cripes I had better behave or else I'm for it'

Before we started the gamekeeper gave us a quick safety talk which ended with the comment 'now be careful as we have two fox coloured dogs here today, dont shoot them!' Ok now I was even more concerned, not only did Mum have a gun but I, and my ginger girlfried Meeka, were the same colour as Charlie Fox. Quick mum paint me pink or something!

Mum kept me on lead to start with as I was a bit fired up. Then everyone lined up and shots were being fired off all around me at squirrels and pigeons, a pigeon was shot and the gamekeeper told Mum I was safe to retrieve it. Off I belted and retrieved it, oh my goodness the feathers on it, I was quite literally spitting feathers by the time I got back to Mum, yuk

I was allowed off lead all the time by now, there were three squirrels in a tree and once again shots were going off all around me, I was very good and didnt get worried. Then I saw a squirrel run down the tree and went running off to get it, it was a bit quick though.

I went on a steady point and mum was watching me, I didnt flinch or move for about 3 minutes, Mum was expecting a pheasant to be flushed, dont be silly Mum I'd worked out that we weren't there for pheasant, there was a squirrel hiding in the undergrowth, I've never pointed squirrels before but being a Vizsla I knew what we were hunting, durr Mum keep up!

Mum was shown there was a squirrel right up the top of a tree, so she aimed (whilst everyone ducked LOL) and fired. Would you believe she actually hit it, go Mum I was well impressed (I think she was a little shocked too)

Mum didnt take any pictures as she said she had her hands full with me, the gun and trying not to fall over! Mark did take a picture of us all though, dont mess with The Verminators