Sunday, 12 June 2011

Stoughton Down

Mum n Dad are on a mission at the moment to find new places to go walking, so out came the OS map yesterday and they decided to try out Stoughton Down, about 15 mins drive from us. When we arrived there Dad realised he'd been there as a little boy and got very excited as he said it was a lovely walk so off we set.

I did my usual running along in front exploring everywhere, Mum n Dad were taking in the great views and Winston was checking out the stick situation!

It really was a gorgeous place, just the type of walk we all love, loads of woodland to explore. It was like we had the whole place to ourselves as we didnt see anybody for ages.
It was a bit steep in places, me being me of course I set the pace way out front, Mum n Dad were behind and then Winston was bringing up the rear with a mammoth stick in his mouth, nothing new there then.

Here's us at the top,

Mum did make me do a couple of Sit n Waits and recalls, I did dutifully obey but really wanted to keep on exploring.

In the distance you can make out Portsdown Hill and even the Isle of Wight!

We'll certainly be going there again it was mega cool.

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