Sunday, 24 July 2011

Winston's 4th Birthday

It's Winston's 4th birthday today.

His favourite toy ever was a burger squeaky one that was my birthday present way back in January but that was relegated to the bin a couple of months ago. Well Mum and Dad spent ages trying to find another one the same for him, they searched high and low and eventually Dad struck gold when he found one on Ebay. Well done Dad!

You can imagine the joy on Winston's face when he was given a nice new shiny squeaky burger toy this morning.

In this picture you can see what is left of the previous burger, just a flat piece of yellow plastic BUT it is still Winston's fav toy.

Don't worry I wasn't left out as I had a 'non-birthday' present of a squeaky iced doughnut. In under a minute I had mutilated it and killed the squeaker, so proud of myself.

Happy Birthday Winston my best mate and partner in crime, love ya loads WOOF WOOF!!!

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