Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Langstone Harbour

Mum and Auntie Katie were off of work today so they decided to take us all, that's Me, Winston, Tasha, Ollie and Willow, to Langstone Harbour for a splash around at lunchtime.
We had a lovely time retrieving balls and generally splashing around and cooling off!

Here's some pictures (yes mum actually remembered her camera)

I went after Ollie's ball, well it was much better than mine as it had a squeaky, poor Ollie as between me and Winston we kept racing him to his ball as ours were just boring tennis balls.

He did get to get his ball in the end though

Tasha decided that she would start pointing at the seagulls

Here are all us youngsters watching the master Tasha at work, she is really something to behold, us lot have a lot to learn to be as good as she is!!!

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