Sunday, 11 September 2011

Laverstoke Working Test

Me, Mum, Auntie Katie and Ollie went to Laverstoke Working Test last Sunday.

We turned up and the weather was a bit overcast but not raining. Here's everyone registering.

About 5 minutes after the photo above was taken the heavens just opened and everyone scarpered to find shelter under the trees. The rain was really heavy and it just poured and poured.

The first two tests were a seen and a blind retrieve. On the seen I went flying into the woodland to find the dummy, stood on top of it and then ran back to Mum, she tried sending me again but I didn't understand what I was looking for. On the blind I was really on a different planet, Mum said it was her 'pilot' error as she hadn't set me up properly, she ended up walking all the way down to where the dummy had been put on a bench.

Then it was off to the water, the queue was pretty long and we stood around getting wetter and wetter, great weather for ducks! The dummy was thrown on the opposite river bank and I dived straight into the water, no hesitation, swam to the other bank, got out of the water, went to the dummy, Mum shouted 'lost' in her high pitch squeaky voice, I touched the dummy and then thought I can't be bothered to bring it back so swam back to Mum.

We broke for lunch, we went back to Auntie Katie's car, it was so wet that she was trying to dry her socks off on the steering wheel!

It did brighten up a bit so we could get out of the car, here's some pictures:

I was pretty fed up as was cold and wet........

Mum I'm bored now..........

My mate, the gorgeous Ollie

Good way to get dry Ollie, cuddle up to your Mum!

We then went off to do the hunting, it was in a field of long grass, I did quarter pretty well but as we Vizzies are know as Velcro dogs I did stay pretty close to Mum, the judge said I was devoted to Mum (Judge speak for a bit of a mummy's boy I think)

I dont know what our scores were but I know I didnt do very well, in mitigation this was a Novice test so pretty stiff competition.

We had fun though and that's the main thing.

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