Monday, 13 August 2012

Bristol & West Working Test , Hamptworth

I was pretty sleepy Sunday morning after the Slovakian test so couldnt understand why Mum was getting all the working test stuff together again, surely we weren't doing another test, I was still recovering from yesterday's.  But Mum being Mum had other ideas and sure enough off we headed, the drive wasnt too far this time, 45 minutes, we arrived at The Hamptworth Estate, Wiltshire.

We met Auntie Katie with both Willow and Ollie there.  The ground was lovely but there were pheasant pens everywhere so we weren't allowed off the lead.

Our training buddies were also there, Claire with Ellie (gsp), Amy with Barney (Viz), Mark with Meeka (Viz), Emma with Islay (viz). All of us, apart from Meeka who is in Open, were in Novice.  So the Mum's had plenty of time for chatting whilst waiting for tests and boy do they ever chat away!

First up was the hunting, it was a field of thistles, long grass, nettles and was at times way over Mum's head height.  We fought our way through and I did a reasonable hunting run.  Mum spent ages picking thorns out of her legs and mine afterwards.

Then we had to do a split retrieve, Mum hates these with a passion as she knows I always run for the wrong dummy.  I had to walk to heel up a track, sit whilst Mum put a dummy off the path, walk back to heel to the starting point, well I did all that fine until we started walking back, I just kept sitting every few paces, beautiful sits but not what was required, I wanted to go back and get it but instead of running I was sitting so Mum could send me.  She said I was being very good BUT would I walk to heel instead!  We then had to walk up another track and Mum sat me to send me for a blind retrieve.  The judge said under no circumstances was I allowed to head back for the memory retrieve we had just placed, that scared Mum a bit.  She sent me for the blind but of course I started to run back for the memory.  Blimey she was yelling NO at the top of her voice, blasting the stop whistle but I was having none of it, she then was screaming NO even louder (didnt know she could shout that loud, mind you neither did she and spent the rest of the day with a sore throat).  I retrieved the memory and Mum took it from me, she then set me up for the blind and I went and got it.  I have a feeling we will be doing lots of homework on splits.

We then had lunch, lots of snoozies again.  As demonstrated by Ollie

After lunch we went off to the water, I was being a little so and so not sitting again, the judge was lovely and suggested Mum stand in front of me and block my view of the water and then ask me to sit, I did this and looked up at Mum like a good boy, she slowly moved to the side of me, blocking me with a hand in front of me.  The dummy was thrown and I didnt move (result), the judge then said mum could release me, she waited a bit longer and then sent me. I retrieved and came back but dropped the dummy short of Mum again.  She was so pleased I'd shown control at the water.
Last up was the seen retrieve, my outrun was good, my retrieve was good but then I stopped short of Mum and spat the dummy.

Auntie Katie put Willow in the scurrie run, me and Ollie were way too tired after our hectic weekend, here is Willow cooling down with her wet Bob The Builder towel:
Time for the results to be announced, they started to read out the Novice results and they said Certificate of Merit to Pitwit Stalking Game, well that is my mate Ollies posh name, Auntie Katie's face was so shocked then it turned into delight!! Wow that was amazing, he is such a clever boy.  All the Mum's were clapping and screeching they were so happy for her and Ollie.  Barney had been really good all day and the Mums were telling Amy that she must have been placed but she didnt believe them.  Well then they read out that she was first, well you have never heard such a loud clapping, squealing and whooops of joy, there were tears, hugs and all sorts as all the Mum's train together and know how much hard work goes into being placed. Usually when you win Novice it means you have to go into Open but because the first place scores were tied it goes on the hunting result and the other dog was higher in his hunting which is the tie break decider and he has to move up to Open. That's good for Barney really as it means he can still compete in Novice although going by his performance he wont be there for very long and will be moving up to Open.
A HUGE well done to both Ollie and Barney and their Mums.

As for me, well I came 8th, which was pretty good considering my rubbish performance on the split.  More homework for me then.

Here is me in the standard vizsla sleeping pose Sunday evening!

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