Saturday, 17 April 2010

Come on The Saints!

Dad goes to watch Southampton FC play football, we're not allowed to go but we show our support...........

I think Winston makes a cracking mascot!

Not that I'd tell dad but I don't think red really suits me, do you?

"Oh when The Saints go marching in!"

Ok mum that's enough now, we're bored of this posing!! xxx


  1. Hi Winston & Fergus - you both make brilliant mascots! Fergus - red is cool on you after're already a red dog!! Winston - you're looking are you feeling? We're looking forward to seeing you both next weekend. LOL Radar & Rio

  2. Hi Radar n Rio
    Glad you liked the pics, mum thought it was funny.
    Yes Winston is feeling a lot better, still a bit wobbly but hey we can cope with that
    And yes we will ALL be there next Sunday, looking forward to it
    Big woofs and wags til we see you then
    Fergus n Winston xxxx