Friday, 9 April 2010

Update on Winston

As you know my big bruv Winston hasn't been very well. Well on Wednesday he went to hospital and had lots of tests, 2 x MRI, X rays, spinal tap and lots of blood tests. I missed him really badly so was very pleased when me mum and dad went and collected him. He smelt really funny and had lots of bald patches on him so I spent ages washing him. The good news is that they couldn't find anything nasty that was making him have his 'funny turns', so the very nice Doctor said he must have Epilepsy, which is ok as he has his special tablets to take that will control his funny turns and hopefully make him feel better real soon. In the meantime I'm taking very good care of him and being very kind to him, as you can see from the pic below I make sure he knows I'm there when he is sleeping.

Winston's biggest bald patch, where he had his spinal tap :-(

Looking very sorry for himself!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear it's Epilepsy, but glad it's something you can manage and not something worse. Hope you feel better Winston!