Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mum's lost the plot

Oh dear oh dear, Mum has finally lost the plot, as you know we've started this new agility thing, I say WE as mum is the one leaping over the jumps, long jump etc and trying to get me all fired up to do it. I must say it's more fun watching mum doing it than me trying to.
Well she said she'd make sure I took part this week, so she's built a DIY agility course in the back garden to practice, I ask you honestly, the neighbours think she is mad enough already without her doing that.
Just to humour her I've been dutifully doing the long jump (a pallet with chairs either side) and the jump (a bit of wood resting on two plant pots). Of course I CAN do it all, it's easy peasy lemon squeazy. I do enjoy it so might think about surprising Mum at the lesson on Saturday, then again maybe not........

1 comment:

  1. Hey Fergus...looks like your Mum's as mad as mine - we've got jumps up in our garden but haven't got a cool long jump...I'm sure once Mum sees your's she'll be out there with hammer & nails! Are you doing weaves yet? I do them but only if Mum holds a bit of cheese near my nose otherwise I don't see the'd be much quicker to just run past the poles!! The weaves in our garden are bits of bamboo! Loads a licks Radar