Thursday, 9 December 2010

Early morning drama!

As you know Mum takes us up the woods really early (6.15am) when it's still dark. Usually it's really quiet and nobody is up there, it's a lovely time to walk.

Well yesterday we were walking along when we heard this really loud laughing and shouting, Mum stopped dead in her tracks, then we spotted some 'naughty' people had lit a big bonfire in the woods and were messing around and were having some sort of party. Who on earth does that at that time in the morning, especially when it was -4 degrees..........

Mum tried to call the fire brigade from her mobile phone as the fire was really quite big and she was cross as if it got out of control it would ruin the lovely woods. Unfortunately her mobile didnt work.

So we started running home, well I say 'we', it was me and Mum that were running, I knew it was important as Mum NEVER runs, Winston bless him was more concerned about the stick he was carrying so took an easier pace behind us.

We got home and mum called the fire brigade, but because the woods are pretty big and it's difficult to describe where the fire was Mum said she would run back up the woods and meet the firemen. We left Winston at home as it was all too much excitement for him and me and mum can run a lot faster, well I can anyway Mum's not so good with the whole running thing!

We met the fire engine, big red thing with its blue lights flashing, it was all rather exciting for me as I'd not been that close to one before. I said hello to all the firemen and then showed them where the fire was, they were all really nice and friendly.

Thankfully by this time the 'naughty' people had left and the firemen very quickly had everything under control. I wanted to stay and watch but Mum said she needed a cup of tea and a sit down after all that running, honestly these humans can be really funny sometimes!

We went back up the woods today and took a photo of where the fire was, doesnt look much now but the fire was pretty big and scary

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  1. Wow- that is an adventure! Glad the fire didn't spread & you could be the hero :)