Monday, 21 June 2010

Mum's Birthday

It was Mum's birthday today, we had fun as Nanny Grandad, Auntie Sandra, Cousin Emma and Oakley (Rhodesian Ridgeback) came round this evening for tea and cake.
We didn't get any cake and to show his disgust at this Winston decided to grab one of Mum's birthday cards and run off with it..............

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Playdate with Radar & Rio

Had a fab time today, Mum took me to meet up with Radar and Rio and Auntie Juliet at Burley.
Us three boys had a fab time just being your typical Vizzies, you know running, swimming, playing and being nutty.
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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Agility - good and bad

Mum cracked out a secret weapon at agility today, a brand new ball on a string. It really got me excited and I did everything I was supposed to do, this is the GOOD.

The BAD is that half way through the lesson I was attacked by one of the other boy dogs, it really shook me up as I don't like fighting at all. After that I was so scared and upset that I wouldn't do any of the equipment and the nice lady said I didn't have to do the circuit that everyone else was doing and I could pick my fav one, so me and Mum did the dog walk.

After the lesson finished Mum wanted to make sure it ended on a 'positive' so we stayed and played with loads of lovely dogs, one of them was my friend Brooke who we meet up the woods, so that made me feel a whole lot better.
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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Mum's lost the plot

Oh dear oh dear, Mum has finally lost the plot, as you know we've started this new agility thing, I say WE as mum is the one leaping over the jumps, long jump etc and trying to get me all fired up to do it. I must say it's more fun watching mum doing it than me trying to.
Well she said she'd make sure I took part this week, so she's built a DIY agility course in the back garden to practice, I ask you honestly, the neighbours think she is mad enough already without her doing that.
Just to humour her I've been dutifully doing the long jump (a pallet with chairs either side) and the jump (a bit of wood resting on two plant pots). Of course I CAN do it all, it's easy peasy lemon squeazy. I do enjoy it so might think about surprising Mum at the lesson on Saturday, then again maybe not........

Al fresco dining

Mum is really pleased the weather is so good at the moment as it means we can eat our BARF dinner outside!!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Agility or Pointing?

Went to agility yesterday, I was doing the jumps and then was supposed to carry on to the dog walkway BUT I spotted a bird on the grass, so of course being a Vizsla I did an emergency stop and went into the full Pointing Pose, standing like a statue pointing at the bird. The class thought it was very clever, Mum just rolled her eyes as of course she was waiting for me by the dog walkway. Tough choice uh? Do I point or do I do agility............. The teacher did say she was going to put a pheasant at the end of piece of equipment to get me motivated - now that WOULD be fun hehehehee

Monday, 7 June 2010

random pics from last week

Hi, mum n dad took loads of pics last week so I've put together a 'random' smilebox of them.
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