Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas fun

Here are some pictures from our fun day

Go away this is MY present!

Winston loves his present from Oakley and Alfie, thank you guys :-)

Gourmet lunch, nice presentation Dad!

We were sitting beautifully just waiting for the 'word' from Dad that we could start

Uncle Dean has come to stay and he always dresses us dogs up, I think I look cool in his scarf

It's Christmas everyone!

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas
Lots of Love Fergus and Winston xxx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Is it Scott of the Antartic..................?

Nah it's only Dad after our Saturday morning walk, hehehe!

And here's Winston with........... yep you guessed it - a stick!

And here I am taking it all in, boy it was really coming down at this point.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fritham, New Forest

Had a bit of a surprise today, Mum and Dad were off of work and they took us to Fritham in the New Forest.
It was pretty damp, foggy and cold but we didnt care.
We were going to do the walk we do when we have a Viz Whiz BUT Mum n Dad (well Mum mainly) got us a bit lost, we walked for ages and ages (2 hours). We had a lovely time exloring everywhere. Eventually we found the path back to the car.
Winston's leg is back to normal now so that was good, however he can get very obsessive over sticks, the small ones are fine but then he picks up bigger and bigger ones until they are so big he can't carry them far and then drops them and starts whining and barking in frustration. Mum refuses to carry them for him which I think is a bit mean of her, she has to put him on the lead at this point. He is funny though because as soon as Mum shows him the lead he leaves the stick and comes running to her to have the lead put on - weird eh?
Here's a smilebox of our adventure
Love Fergus x
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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Southsea, Portsmouth

Winston has a poorly leg at the moment so is confined to home and short lead walks only. We're both pretty fed up about it as me and him usually have so much fun together on our walks so Mum took me somewhere different whilst Dad stayed at home with Winston and had some quality one to one time with him.

Mum n me went to Southsea, Portsmouth, quite near us. We walked along the prom, I wasnt too keen at first as I was on the lead and there were quite a few people but then we got to some open green space where I could go off lead and run and run. I chased birds and all sorts. Lots of people stopped and watched me on Southsea Common, Mum said she should have passed a hat round for donations from them for watching me 'perform' in true Vizsla pointing style. I loved chasing the crows on the Common.

I've done a smilebox of our fun.

Love Fergus x
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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Us Vizsla are everywhere!

Dad went out for his work's Christmas do last night (we weren't allowed to go, umph!!). He went into a pub and said this lovely 8 year old Vizsla came running straight over to him to say hello. The owner was very surprised at this until Dad explained that he also had a Vizsla and the dog must have smelt me on him! So us Vizsla must have our own distinctive breed smell!!!
I do have one question though Dad, why wasn't I allowed to go..... it's not fair as it was obviously a doggy friendly bar and I could have made a new friend - maybe next time then????
Here is a picture of the gorgeous chap:

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Early morning drama!

As you know Mum takes us up the woods really early (6.15am) when it's still dark. Usually it's really quiet and nobody is up there, it's a lovely time to walk.

Well yesterday we were walking along when we heard this really loud laughing and shouting, Mum stopped dead in her tracks, then we spotted some 'naughty' people had lit a big bonfire in the woods and were messing around and were having some sort of party. Who on earth does that at that time in the morning, especially when it was -4 degrees..........

Mum tried to call the fire brigade from her mobile phone as the fire was really quite big and she was cross as if it got out of control it would ruin the lovely woods. Unfortunately her mobile didnt work.

So we started running home, well I say 'we', it was me and Mum that were running, I knew it was important as Mum NEVER runs, Winston bless him was more concerned about the stick he was carrying so took an easier pace behind us.

We got home and mum called the fire brigade, but because the woods are pretty big and it's difficult to describe where the fire was Mum said she would run back up the woods and meet the firemen. We left Winston at home as it was all too much excitement for him and me and mum can run a lot faster, well I can anyway Mum's not so good with the whole running thing!

We met the fire engine, big red thing with its blue lights flashing, it was all rather exciting for me as I'd not been that close to one before. I said hello to all the firemen and then showed them where the fire was, they were all really nice and friendly.

Thankfully by this time the 'naughty' people had left and the firemen very quickly had everything under control. I wanted to stay and watch but Mum said she needed a cup of tea and a sit down after all that running, honestly these humans can be really funny sometimes!

We went back up the woods today and took a photo of where the fire was, doesnt look much now but the fire was pretty big and scary

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow fun

Woke up this morning to LOADS of snow and the bonus was Mum was off of work so we've already had two long walks up the woods and that was before 10am!!!
I have a snazzy new coat too to keep me warm and am modelling that today.
Here's a smilebox of our fun and games:
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