Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uh Oh I'm in trouble now!

Mum's not very happy with me right now, I did the ultimate dog thing and rolled in some really smelly fox poo. I was more black than ginger and according to Mum I smelled DISGUSTING!! I don't see what the problem is, these humans can be so weird sometimes.
The end result was a pre-wash with tomato sauce

Followed by a wash with shampoo

Then a big scrubbing session

Followed by a rinse with the watering can

Then of course me hurtling round the garden like a complete loon because I was all wet

The worst of the stink has gone but I've still been banished to my bed.

Mum put clean bedding in my bedthis morning and is moaning as she'll have to change it again now. Well if you're going to be in trouble you might as well make it really BIG trouble to make it all worthwhile, that's my philosophy.

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