Saturday, 26 February 2011

Field Trial Fun Day

Had a great fun time today, me and my girlfriend Willow (swoon swoon) went to a Field Trial Fun Day at West Meon.

When we arrived we raced round the field like complete loonies, we love running together.

There were loads of HPRs there but mainly Weimaraners as it was organised by their club but there were quite a few Vizzies, GSP, Spinones and Braccos.

The weather was ok to start with but we did get quite a few rain showers and just at the end there was a horrid hail storm, we were right out in the middle of the field so nowhere to hide, mum did stand over me but the trainer said 'he's a tough gundog let him walk in it' so she did, I wish he hadn't said that because the hail really hurt me :(

Here's me and Willow having a break at lunchtime when Mum and Auntie Katie had their sandwiches (we shared them too of course)

Another car picture, it was lovely and warm in there and very comfy as Auntie Katie has snuggly blankets in there. (take note mum!)

We did lots of dummy training, I was in the beginners class and Willow was in the Improvers class as her mum has done lots of training with her so she knew what she was doing. The beginners class had a test and Mum was very proud because I came third

We had a great time, thank you Auntie Katie for driving us there, this is me snuggled up in the car on the way home zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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