Sunday, 6 March 2011

Havant Thicket

Mum took us to Havant Thicket today. The weather was lovely and sunny and really quite warm.

Our walks are a bit different now as Mum makes me practise all my gundog training homework, it's really good fun and I enjoy it. Winston does some of the training too, he is much steadier than me with the obedience stuff so Mum says he's a good influence on me.

Here's us practising our sit and waits, we've got this one nailed.

My recall has always been really good but we still practise it loads, here's me on my way back to Mum.

We did have a bit of drama whilst we were up the thicket though. We'd seen a couple of policemen walking around and also a couple of policemen on pushbikes. Then the police helicopter turned up, it was circling overhead for ages. Then Mum started to get paranoid as it was following us. It came in really low and close, me and Winston stopped and had a good look at it despite the noise it was making. Then it started sweeping over the woods next to the path, Mum decided it was probably best that we moved away from that area pretty quickly as somebody must have been up to no good.

We found out later that the police were looking for two boys who had set fire to part of the thicket.

We had big snoozes in our favourite sun trap in the kitchen when we got home.


  1. Sounds like you had a really good time - you should have offered to help the policemen are an HPR & Winston is a retriever after all!!!!

  2. Mum did have visions of me 'flushing' the people the police were looking for as I went diving into the undergrowth.
    Can just see Winston 'retrieving' them, well after he'd licked them to death first